Keep it Simple

At Jydo we take simplicity very seriously, we believe that the user interface should never get in the way of what you want to accomplish. We have crafted our UI from the ground up to reduce complexity, even if your conference room is anything but simple.

Configure, Don't Program

With Jydo there is no programming required. You can have a room online in minutes, not hours, days, or weeks. If hardware is added or removed you can re-configure your room without taking the system offline, and without disturbing your users.

Jydo is a centralized network service, allowing you to manage and deploy many rooms from one interface. With Jydo you're freed from the shackles of multiple control processors and 3rd party programmers.

Provide Better Support

Jydo was built by IT people for IT people. We have a rich background of installing, supporting, and maintaining A/V and computer networks. We have used our experience to build the product that IT people want.

Jydo comes with remote support capabilities out of the box, with no extra configuration or any programming. Support technicians see what the end users see, and can troubleshoot problems remotely and efficiently.

Jydo also provides extensive logging capabilities, making it significantly easier to troubleshoot and fix problems with the devices on your network.

Run Jydo Anywhere

Jydo is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It can be run on small pieces of hardware, like a Raspberry Pi, powerful servers, or even on a virtual machine. With Jydo you can leverage existing IT infrastructure, saving you time and money.

Built With Trusted Technology

Jydo is built with technologies that IT departments know and trust: Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. No proprietary languages, protocols, or certifications required.